NEWBERG -- New research shows climate change may actually benefit the Pacific Northwest at least when it comes to wine.

Winemakers will likely have to make some changes.

The study was done by a climate scientist Antonio Busalacchi from the University of Maryland. He analyzed climate data from 24 prime wine-growing regions around the world, and found that regions in Europe and California may suffer from gradual changes in climate.

In both Oregon and Washington, the wine-making future looks pretty bright. He said increasing temperatures and less rainfall many actually help winemakers here.

Harry Peterson-Nedry founder of Chehalem winery agrees.

We ve got some of the benefits of here of being moderated by the Pacific that is definitely a benefit we are also growing grape varieties that can potentially use a little bit more heat, Peterson-Nedry said.

The study compares the Pacific Northwest to what Sonoma and Napa Valley were like twenty years ago. It also predicts we'll see a lot more California wine-makers moving up this way.

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