BOISE -- As fireworks stands pop up, people start thinking about the Fourth of July.

On top of the fire dangers from fireworks, fire crews may also have to battle high temperatures this year.

Which is why the Boise Fire Department has already started planning for the Fourth of July.

We'll have some additional resources on for the Fourth of July. Potentially some additional brush rigs, things like that, said Boise Fire Marshal, Romeo Gervais. Fourth of July is generally one of our busier days.

They are also looking ahead at the weather.

Anytime that we see heat higher or relative humidity is lower, the potential for a fire to start and grow quicker and faster exists, said Gervais.

But remember, there bans on certain fireworks in Boise.

We allow safe and sane fireworks within the city limits. However, we do ban all fireworks within the foothills areas of the city, Gervais said.

He defines safe and sane fireworks as those that do not leave the ground or explode.

Jacob Pollard runs a fireworks stand in Boise, and says they do warn some people about fire dangers with certain fireworks.

Especially if it's meant for a little kid. We always make sure that they know that a parent needs to light it for them, said Pollard. Most of the time people know how to handle fireworks, so we don't mention it every time.

Pollard has worked at fireworks stands for about a decade, and his family owns about 20 fireworks stands across Idaho. When he is lighting off fireworks for fun he makes sure to be careful.

We always make sure that there's usually some type of fire extinguisher or water source nearby. As well as, we lay down plywood or some sort of flat level surface when we light the fireworks so to make sure they don't tip over, or fall and spin out of control, or something like that, said Pollard. And we always make sure everyone's far enough away that the firework's not going to disturb anybody.

Gervais also wanted to warn people about sky lanterns, and he says they are particularly dangerous because once they float away they are out of your control. He goes on to say that they have yet to see a fire caused by one, but people are using them

Last year, Boise Fire responded to 15 fires on the Fourth of July, with seven of them were fireworks-related, two fires were determined not to be caused by fireworks and the other six fires the cause was undetermined.

Using illegal fireworks carries a fine of up to $300.

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