BOISE -- The Red Cross honored a few incredible heroes Thursday who you may not have heard about, but whose courage saved lives.

It was a special day for young Emma Knight. She was one of a dozen who were honored by the Red Cross with their Bravo for Bravery Awards. Last year, she called 911, when her dad Gordon Knight was caught in a clay mixer.

Had she not come down to find me in that machine, I don't know, said Gordon. I was trapped, and my arm was twisted off, and I was bleeding. Who's to say? But, I sure am glad that she was there.

Boise Police Officer Bill Thomas and his K-9 Diesel were honored for detaining an armed murder suspect in the backyard of a daycare. At the time, the team mentality was, 'We've got to get this guy into custody before other people get hurt, said Thomas. Diesel went to work and got the suspect in custody safely.

Firefighters Jimmy Lindsay and Bart Carrico were honored for pulling a drowning and freezing man from a canal. Lindsay says he's humbled because saving lives is just what emergency responders do. It's an honor to be recognized by your peers in our community, even though it feels like we're just doing our jobs.

Among the others honored were attorney Ryan Henson. He saved a suicidal client. Idaho Power's Vance Poe performed life-saving CPR at a baseball game. An injured Master Sergeant Kevin Wallace led his unit out of harm's way in Afghanistan. Shane Quarles helped save a baby's life during a complicated emergency delivery. Boise Police officers Tom Fleming and Cory Bammert talked a suicidal woman off a ledge. And the Hill family saved lives when the life of their daughter ended.

In Shauna's memory, it's a wonderful thing, said Heidi, Shauna's mom.

They donated the teen's organs after she was fatally injured in a car accident.

In the middle of all that misery, so excited for the four families and the four recipients to find out they would be receiving an organ, especially her heart, said Heidi. We felt at the time it was the only thing to do.

The Hills pointed out that organ donation is something that many people can do to turn a tragedy into new lives for others.

For more on how you can help, and potentially save lives by doing something like donating organs or giving blood,go to the American Red Cross website.

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