BOISE -- Fans and athletes filled downtown Boise this afternoon for the city's sixth Ironman. Some major streets downtown closed down for the Ironman triathlon, while athletes from around the state, country, and world came out.

It's great, a lot of energy going and it's just fun, said Susan Rice, watching the athletes run by.

Susan Rice came out to cheer on some very special athletes. She played host to professional triathletes from out of town.

We hosted Callum last year, along with Julia Grant. They're both from New Zealand, said Rice. And we have Bevan Docherty this year staying with us also. They've been great, they've been a lot of fun.

Rice said they got involved with hosting the athletes since her husband started training for triathlons. She says she'll be staying on the sidelines.

I don't like running, so I'd rather watch, said Rice.

Organizers said the event was very different from last year.

These two races were definitely night and day, said Scott Langen, Ironman operations manager. It's about a 30 degree swing in temperature. So this is definitely more enjoyable for the athletes.

Langen said they didn't see too many heat-related issues, but were ready for them.

We prepare for the conditions like this. We ramp up on the aid stations, we make sure we have enough supplies and we over-order to make sure we have enough for everybody, said Langen.

The medical team told KTVB of the 1,300 athletes, they only had to take one person away in an ambulance. And Langen said Ironman was glad to be back in Boise.

This is definitely one of my favorites. It's got that Ironman feel at a 70.3 event. The 9:30 finish time kind of lets the town come to life. You've got some bars, some restaurants over here on eighth street, so it really allows us to get that big, big race feeling, he said.

Susan Rice's house guest, Bevan Docherty, won the event. The women's winner was Liz Lyles.

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