BOISE -- More details are emerging about Fazliddin Kurbanov and how his family came to this country from Uzbekistan. Kurbanov is facing federal charges of helping a terrorist organization in his home country.

Those who know the family say they couldn't imagine something like this ever happening.

We talked to Les Mattson who has known the Kurbanov family for about five years. Mattson says Fazliddin was living with his parents, wife, and child in the apartment that was raided Thursday. He says while he never met him, the rest of the family just seemed to be refugees trying to make a new life in the U.S..

Mattson says Fazliddin's father was fleeing religious persecution in Uzbekistan after he converted from Islam to Christianity and was put in jail. They threatened him with his life if he didn't recant to go back to becoming a Muslim. Because like I said, he was kind of an Elder, a high ranking Muslim. So he was facing death and somehow somebody in the family contacted, I think the U.N., and they were able to get him out with the risk of his life. So from there he was able to come to the United States and to Boise.

Mattson also said that he was shocked and saddened when he heard the news that charges had been filed against Fazliddin Kurbanov. He says he's hoping and praying that things turn out positively for his parents, wife, and child.

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