NAMPA -- The finanicial problems faced by the Nampa School District continue to worry parents.

The district's multi-million dollar budget shortfall has forced administrators to make deep cuts in programs and services since it was first discovered in the late summer of 2012.

Some parents now question the quality and level of education their children will be receiving in the coming months and years.

At Tuesday's school board meeting, board members announced another round of cuts that include eliminating 27 staff positions left open by attrition, cutting the freshman baseball and softball programs, along with a five percent decrease in supplemental salaries.

The scope of the cuts have some Nampa parents worried.

We've looked at the charter school option ... just things that are outside of the district because it is such an uncertain time right now, said concerned mother Brittany Walker, whose son will enter kindergarten this fall.

Walker said she does worry about her son starting school when the district is in limbo.

Suzette Parsons is a mother of three Nampa School District students. Parsons told KTVB she thinks charter schools are only going to get more popular.Despite that, she told us she wants to keep her kids in public schools.

I think that maybe the state should step in, Parsons said. I'm not completely sure on what the best solution is. Something needs to be done though, because it just seems like it's one thing after another after another.

Parsons said she and other parents feel the district has not been transparent with them, and told us she believes the district knew there were more problems but did not bring them up until after the levy vote last March.

In addition to all the cuts, interim Superintendent Dr. Tom Michaelson announced his resignation Tuesday.

KTVB reached out to district officials for comment on Michaelson's resignation. However, our emails and phone calls were not returned.

In the meantime, Nampa High School Chief Educational Officer Peter Koehler will serve as interim superintendent. He was not available for an interview Wednesday.

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