NAMPA -- Major renovations are getting started that will help hundreds of people in Canyon County.

A new homeless shelter is under construction on 16th Avenue that will replace the Lighthouse Rescue Mission currently in operation at 472 Caldwell Boulevard.

Representatives of the Boise Rescue Mission say the new shelter will offer much-needed updates.

Executive Director Reverend Bill Roscoe say the current building is dilapidated and unsafe to those staying inside. Roscoe says that's why his organization purchased a church to be renovated into a new shelter temporarily for men.

Roscoe says the new facility will offer 15,000 square feet and 2 acres to those needing a spot to start over. The facility will eventually have 112 beds and a dining room able to feed 120.

We're really looking forward to being able to serve men and respect those men as they come in off the street -- treat them with dignity and respect and provide a really nice facility they can feel comfortable and safe in, says Roscoe.

But each renovation costs money.

Roscoe says his organization has only raised about half the money needed to complete the project. The total cost is estimated at $1.5 million.

We have to create dorm space; we have to almost triple the size of the kitchen; we have to add restrooms and showers on both floors; the whole heating and air needs to be replaced, Roscoe said.

But with a garden outside and much needed space inside, Roscoe hopes the community will help pitch in to help those who can't.


We still need to raise the money to actually do the remodel work, and we really need help from the community, says Roscoe.

Roscoe tells us they still need to raise about $750,000 dollars to finish the building renovations. They are hoping to have it open by this November.

Roscoe says another big need is building supplies and contractors. He says anyone looking to help out should contact the Boise Rescue Mission.

The plan is to eventually tear down the current Lighthouse facility, and build a new one in its place for the men. Women and children would be able to move in to the building currently under renovation.

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