BOISE -- Race for the Cure teams are putting the finishing touches on their race regalia and getting ready to make a bold statement with the color pink.

One of those teams, Kim's Krusaders, is supporting a very special lady who will walk with them Saturday morning.

However, for Kim DeMain, her race against breast cancer started last November.

Two days before Thanksgiving, the radiologist called me and said they had found cancer cells cause they had done some biopsies for what I thought was a blocked milk duct, said DeMain.

For almost six months now, DeMain has been fighting stage four breast cancer in a very public role, as principal of Cole Valley Christian High School and Junior High. A position she's held for six years, and one she wasn't about to give up.

It's been a blessing to be in this role because it's a bit demanding at times, and so it kind of helps with taking the focus off of cancer, said DeMain.

With a to-do list as long as the school hallway and a husband and two young sons too, DeMain is plenty busy.

However, that doesn't mean she hasn't faced the reality of her disease. When it hit, DeMain says her reaction was simply an outgrowth of her deep faith in God.

It was one of those moments where it was like just between me and the Lord. He knew from the foundation of the earth that I was gonna have cancer, said DeMain. He's always known, and it was a decision at that point. It's like he was asking, 'Do you trust me? Do you trust me?' And I had to say yes because I do.

All around her are reminders that she is not going through this alone whether it's teachers in crazy pink pants or parents and students shaving their heads.

So my basketball is from my girls team and my boys team from the beginning of the season. They all signed it and said they are praying for me, and plus it's a pink basketball. What's not to love about a pink basketball? said DeMain of one of her favorite mementos.

In fact, DeMain says pink is now the color of encouragement and love for her. And that is what she will feel as she joins the sea of pink at the Komen Race for the Cure, and she prays for a cure.

We pray for a cure, and we pray for those who are really sick. I mean there are a lot of people who are really hurting, said DeMain. I'm no doctor. I'm no researcher, but I know like it says in Luke, 'Nothing is impossible with the Lord,' and I believe that it's true.

Kim and her team will join KTVB live on Saturday's Morning News during our special coverage of the Race for the Cure.

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