BOISE -- Things are getting back to normal at airports across the country now that all air traffic controllers are back on the job.

Members of Congress acted Friday to make that happen, just before they flew home for their spring break.

While Boise is not a major air hub, airport spokesperson Patti Miller said they were in wait and see mode.

If the sequester budget cuts would have stuck for FAA employees, the Boise airport would not have been impacted directly but rather connecting flights would have. Having fewer air traffic controllers on the job would have made it less convenient for air travelers.

However, now that won t be the case.

Thousands of flights were delayed last week when 10% of controllers were furloughed.

Friday, Congress acted with almost record speed to allow the FAA make other cuts instead.

It could be really an issue for Boise because we have to fly everywhere to get some place, said Boise traveler Maryann Hardesty. I mean we don t have that many direct flights so it does impact.

The President said members of Congress acted Friday because they realized the cuts were going to affect their spring breaks.

Miller said Boise is a smaller airport and the cuts would have impacted the major airports like LAX and Chicago's O'Hare more but there was also a domino effect that would have trickled down to Boise.

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