BOISE -- More than 60 pit bulls came to the Idaho Humane Society in hopes of a better future.

When you first hear 'fighting dogs' coming in you just think, 'well how are we going to find homes for any of them?' said Hannah Parpart, of the Idaho Humane Society.

The dogs were taken from the site of a triple murder in Oneida County. Investigators believe they were part of a dog fighting operation. However, that's not what you would guess when you meet these dogs.

They're just great with people and they're very sweet and they're very loving, and they really impressed us in that capability, Parpart said.

Folks at IHS are working to help these dogs recover.

Well we, for the last three days, have had the group Bad Rap from California in town. And bad rap was a group that helped with the Michael Vick dogs and the processing, temperament testing, and finding homes for those dogs. They've been in town helping us evaluate the behavior and the temperaments of these dogs, said Parpart.

The dogs went through a series of tests with food, other dogs, and a bunch of different stimuli to see how they would react and to gauge their personalities. Some dogs passed with flying colors, while other dogs did not. Some of those dogs may have to be euthanized.

We haven't made any firm decisions yet with any of the dogs, but we are realistic that there is going to be some that have too many issues with other animals to be safely adoptable, said Parpart.

She said about a dozen may need to be put down, but they want to give them more time and more tests. Still, other dogs will get a second chance and a new home.

We have about 10 to 12 that we think that are going to be available for adoption probably within the next two weeks. So we're pretty excited to get those dogs out there and to meet the public, said Parpart.

Adoption applications will be available on the Idaho Humane Society website Saturday.

The Humane Society says some of these dogs will be adopted locally. However, they don't have enough resources to cover all needs of all the dogs. They are turning to other rescue groups around the country to help out.

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