LOCATION: Fort Boise Community Center, 700 Robbins Rd, Boise, ID 83702

DISTANCE: 13.1 miles uphill from Ft. Boise to Aldape Summit, and Robie Creek Park.


SPECTATORS: Must have a $12 pass to watch from the finish area

KTVB will capture live footage of racers coming across the finish line and will post video and photos on our website here.


  • Race participants do not need to purchase a spectator pass to ride the bus.Children under the age of 3 do not need a spectator pass. All buses go directly to the Spring Shores lot, then on to the Parks and Rec lot as needed. Because of limited parking, we ask you to car pool and drive as few cars as possible to the Spring Shore sand Parks and Rec lots. The last bus will take participants back to Fort Boise. Please note there is no cell phone reception at the finish or Spring Shores. Alcohol will be served at the party, so please have a designated driver.

  • The race will be electronically timed, but official results will be based on gun time. Your timing device will be attached to your race number. Please wear your race number on the
    front of your shirt to ensure accurate timing. We will stop timing the race at 5:00 PM.
  • The race begins at Fort Boise Community Center, starts climbing on Shaw Mountain Road, and continues the climb through Rocky Canyon until you reach Aldape Summit. Then it begins a steep, bone jarring descent into the Robie Creek drainage and along Robie Creek Road to the finish.
  • The road will be closed early, no early starts permitted! Note: You will not be able to
    park your car at the finish because of limited parking, and no bikes, ox carts, goats
    or dogs are allowed on the course or at the finish.
  • There are 10 aid stations supplying water. Plenty of water for all. Slower participants may
    want to carry their own water. The Table of Folly-Fallen, Knotty-Pated, Miscreants will be
    conveniently located at mile 8.
  • 62 porta-potties will be located at the start and finish, and along the course.
    As always, medical support is graciously provided by Idaho Mountain Search and Rescue,
    Ada County Paramedics & Mores Creek Ambulance.
  • Because parking is not available at the race finish, limited bus
    transportation is available for spectators with a prepaid spectator bus pass from Spring Shores or the Parks and Rec lot on Warm Springs to the finish and then back. Bus passes may only be purchased on-line, at the time of entry, and are limited to one per entrant at a
    cost of $12.00.
  • Spectators must bring a state-issued photo
    identification to the party if they plan to drink beer.


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