BOISE -- Police say a 19-year-old Boise man used his vehicle to chase and ram another person's vehicle late Wednesday night in an alleged case of road rage.

Officers say Adam L. Richey reportedly had an ongoing dispute with the driver of the vehicle he targeted.

Richey then followed the victim and the victim's passenger around 11:30 p.m. while driving in a reckless and threatening manner, according to police.

The incident reportedly culminated in a parking lot near Fairview Avenue and Five Mile Road. That's where the victim said Richey rammed the victim's vehicle from behind, then got out and punched the vehicle and dented it with his fists.

Officers found and pulled Richey over in a nearby area after the victim reported the incident.

Richey is currently in the AdaCounty Jail charged with felony aggravated assault.

Police say Richey and the victim know each other well, and the alleged attack was not random.

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