PORTLAND - Health professionals offered advice for coping with trauma Tuesday, in the wake of the deadly Boston attacks.

Doctor Michael Sherbun CEO of Cedar Hills Hospital says it's normal to have sad feelings after seeing video and pictures from events like the Boston bombings.

Sherbun said the first thing you need to do is talk about it and ask questions. and if you're feeling distressed.

The first level we're going to deal with is just the aftermath of this incident, and it's going to evolve and grow just because it takes people to process what happened, he said. Start feeling these kind of things.

Trauma specialists want people to know there are resources available to help them cope.

National Inst. of Mental Health:Coping with trauma

People could see symptoms including trouble sleeping, loss of appetite, fear of public places, depression and anxiety. Experts said even for people who weren't there, such symptoms are possible, and even more likely among people who have experienced past trauma.

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Adults often find it difficult to talk with children about events like these, and therapists said parents should start the conversation.

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