WASHINGTON, D.C. -- A group of United States senators has reached a deal that would require background checks for purchases at gun shows and online.

However, a key question is how conservatives who've signed on to filibuster the gun bill will now proceed.


Two of the 14 Republican senators looking to block debate are Idaho Sens. Jim Risch and Mike Crapo.

Risch voiced his opinion on CNN Tuesday night. He told host Anderson Cooper existing background checks on gun sales need to be enforced before going to other measures.

The thing that really bothers me is the fact that number one, it doesn't work. And number two, it's placing a burden on law-abiding citizens, Risch said. The person who's going to use a gun for legal purposes is not going to go through the background check system.

Idaho Sen. Jim Risch appeared on the Anderson Cooper show Tuesday night to voice his opinion on a new gun background check bill.

However, Cooper then asked Sen. Risch about the effectiveness of the checks, and why extending them wouldn't be helpful.

But if it caught 15,000 people lying, why not extended the background checks and you're going to catch another 15,000? Cooper asked.


To that, Risch said his priorities are to focus the checks on criminals and mentally-ill people.

What we really ought to do, is we got to focus on keeping the guns out of the hands of convicted felons and people who have serious mental disease, Risch told Cooper.

Nicole Hockley, the mother of a Sandy Hook Elementary School victim, Dylan, followed the interview with Sen. Risch on the program and said she didn't think the deeper background checks would be a inconvenience for legitimate-qualified gun buyers.

The White House is saying the administration believes a bill could be crafted by the end of the week.

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