BOISE -- Idaho Congressman Raul Labrador says the United States is spending way too much money, and that it's endangering the American dream.

The ladder of success is being pulled out from those who are trying to climb it, said Rep. Raul Labrador.

Labrador spoke to the Boise Chamber of Commerce this week, focusing a large part of his talk on the budget.

He says the U.S. is spending too much, borrowing 40% of every dollar spent, and that taxes are too high.

This path will inevitably cut off our children and future generations from their shot at the American dream, said Labrador.

That's why, in his opinion, the sequester was a good thing. He says those deep budget cuts that went into affect a month ago were tough, but proved a point.

We can actually do more with less. I think that's one of the lessons of sequestration, and I hope it's a lesson we can learn in Washington D.C., said Labrador.

He, like Congressmen on both sides of the aisle, wants to reform the tax code, and remove loopholes and unfair tax breaks.

But Labrador and other Republicans don't want to use that money to pay for government programs that Democrats believe will spur the economy. Rather, the Congressman believes that extra revenue will fill the gaps in the budget, allow for the reduction in taxes overall, and get the U.S. closer to a balanced budget.

You're not going to get to a balanced budget by just taxing people more. You're going to get to a balanced budget by making sure that companies and individuals can thrive in America, can do the things that are necessary so that the economy can prosper, said Labrador. And that's how you get the revenue. We want to create more people paying taxes. We don't want to just tax people more.

After spending some time back in Idaho, Congressman Labrador says he'll head back to Washington D.C. next week to get back to work.

Besides the budget, immigration will also be a key issue in the next couple weeks.

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