BOISE -- Tennis super stars were joined on the court this weekend by some young players. The Davis Cup teams shared the court with 20 Idaho kids, who are trained to be quick and keep a low profile during matches.

They are the ball kids.

When they announced that they had the Davis Cup coming to town they asked me if I would help in some capacity, said Jim Moortgat. I said, 'sure wherever you guys need me I'll help.'

Moortgat is the trainer and coordinator for the ball kids. 35 kids tried out, and 20 were picked after try-outs and a written test.

The kids have to know the score every point, said Moortgat. They have to know when the balls are changing sides. They have to be able to run. See ball, get ball.

Dominic Austin plays high school tennis, and was one of the ball kids for the Davis Cup. He remembers when his mom told him the Davis Cup was coming to Boise.

I couldn't believe it, said Austin. I thought my mom was playing a trick on me because she was watching it and she's like, 'the Davis Cup is coming to Boise!'

Camryn Moortgat liked watching the players while ball kidding, but she tried to stay focused on the match.

Sometimes you want to look over and see what crazy people are doing, but you have to focus because it could start a point and you could be all messed up, she said.

After being on international TV, standing just feet away from the best tennis players in the world watching matches on TV will never be the same.

I can't watch TV the same anymore, said Austin. Your heart is pounding with it. And every time I go home and watch it, I just can't feel the same excitement I do when I'm on court.

Moortgat said they did a great job.

It's a memorable experience for these kids These kids will remember, these kids are on TV, their facebook pages are lighting up, 'I saw you on TV!' So they think they're stars. They are stars, he said.

Camryn Moortgat is the daughter of the ball kid trainer, Jim Moortgat. She initially didn't get a spot on the crew, but ended up in one of the wild-card positions. Moortgat said he tried to be as fair as possible with the kids.

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