MERIDIAN -- Students, teachers, and parents at a Meridian middle school have raised thousands of dollars for childhood cancer research.

In a joint event, people either shaved their heads for St. Baldricks or cut their hair for Locks of Love.

Sawtooth Middle School recently sent out a call for volunteers to raise money and cut their hair for a good cause.

The school's goal was to raise a thousand dollars. In the end, 48 people shaved their heads and 18 people donated hair, while raising more than $4,800.

Lincoln Telford is a 6th grader at Sawtooth Middle School. He's just one of dozens of students who shaved his head.

He set a low goal at first of 100 bucks, said Lincoln's dad, Jeremy. I said I think we can do $250, and if he gets $750 I will shave my head too.

Well, Lincoln raised over a thousand dollars. Father and son had to pay up -- with their hair, and they were happy to do it.

If my kids ever want to do something that's worthwhile or character building I am all for it, said Jeremy.

Besides raising money, the volunteers also honored two former students who battled cancer.

One lost that battle. Matt Wilkins died in November 2010 at the age of 13.

Matt's former teacher decided to cut her hair as a way to honor him.

Mackenzie Lloyd is winning her battle against cancer. She's now a sophomore at Rocky Mountain High School. She was first diagnosed in July of 2011. But it came back.

I was rediagnosed in August of this year, said Mackenzie. I'm now in remission, I went through lots of treatment and a bone marrow transplant. It was kind of shocking because I am so young.

McKenzie says she learned a lot from her fight against cancer, and that it taught her to live life to the fullest.

She loved being a part of this incredible event. It just means a lot, more than you can imagine.

For more information on St. Baldrick's Foundation, click here.

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