BOISE -- Some of the world's best tennis players are in Boise this week.

The Davis Cup is a major event that city officials say will bring millions of dollars and thousands of visitors to Boise.

Many of the players arrived in Boise over the weekend, and Monday morning, the U.S. team had their first practice.

Afterwards, the Serbia team was allowed the same amount of time to practice as well.

Organizers say it's already looking like a big turnout for the quarterfinal match up.

USTA Senior Director of Team Events Jeff Ryan tells us they are expecting about 8,000 fans each day of the tournament.

So we are seeing eight-plus thousand people a day here in an arena that can hold 11,000, so we are very excited with that, said Ryan.

He tells us those attending should expect a high level of tennis, but an enjoyable experience.

It's a little more rowdy, it's definitely patriotic, these guys are playing for their country, so you will see and hear a lot more activity, said Ryan.

The USTA tells us the quarterfinal tournament is a major event. Each team has a roster of four players for both singles and doubles matches.

Both teams are battling for a spot in the semi-finals in September.

Ryan says the history of tennis in Boise, with clubs like the Idaho Sneakers, helped spark interest in bringing the event here.

This is an opportunity for us to promote tennis at a high level, this is like bringing in the semis or finals of a major or grand slam, right into a market that wouldn't normally host it, that's very exciting, said Ryan.

But Ryan says the biggest draw to Idaho was the altitude, with high hopes of an advantage over the number one player in the world, Novak Djokovic.

The altitude part, guys wanted to play in these conditions, it leads to a different bounce to the ball and a different overall approach, something our opponents hopefully are not used to, said Ryan.

Boise Chamber of Commerce President Bill Connors says they're expecting several thousand visitors, and an economic impact of around $4 million.

But, the tennis tournament also means big publicity for Boise.

I think everybody in the city is excited, this is an international event, it's going to draw thousands of people from across the world, so Boise is going to be in the spotlight worldwide, said Connors.

Connors tells us the tournament will be broadcast in 70 countries and bring in dozens of international visitors traveling with Serbia's team.

It exposes Boise to an international market and some of the people that come here may come just for the tennis, but may see things they really love about this place, said Connors.

On Wednesday, both team practices will be open to the public.

There are also many free events for your family.

Tickets are still available for the matches and start at $90 for a three-day pass.

Single day tickets are $35.

The tournament starts on Friday and goes through Sunday.

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