STAYTON, Ore -- A Stayton-area man tried to wrangle his car back after a thief tried to steal it. The suspect crashed the car a short time later.

Matt Gumc said he's seen better days. Like he does every morning, Gumc started his car to warm it up Thursday, and then he went to do some quick chores.

Imake it 12 to 14 feet away from the car and Ihear the car door slam, he said.

A complete stranger was behind the wheel and Gumc knew he had to do something.

Icame up and got the door open and I'm yelling at him, said Gumc. He floors it and throws it in reverse and Ijust grab the door.

Gumc, the crook, and the car ended up in the field across the street. The eventful morning was far from over.

I got back to my feet and he threw it in drive and he dragged me down the blacktop because the door was shut on my hands, Gumc said.

He was dragged 50 feet before he could escape. The car thief didn't escape; 24-year-old Daryl Rosenau Jr. crashed the car a few miles away. A deputy and his K-9 tracked Rosenau down in some nearby weeds. He had been on the run after allegedly assaulting his girlfriend.

Gumc said he'll never again warm up his car. But he pledges to always defend his property.

Iwork for the things Igot and Iappreciate the things Ihave and I'm not going to let someone take them, he said.

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