NAMPA -- The Nampa School Board will hold a special meeting tonight.

On the agenda is closing an elementary school and eliminating bus service at another.

And there are more recommendations the board will consider to help balance their budget.

The special school board meeting begins at 7 p.m. at Nampa High School. Public comment is being taken.

However, there are some parents and students who are already making their voices heard.

As school let out Monday afternoon at Sunny Ridge Elementary School, students were making posters and holding them up declaring their love for Sunny Ridge and their dissatisfaction that it would close.

Members of the PTA were also outside Sunny Ridge gathering signatures for a petition to fight the possible closure.

Closing Sunny Ridge is just one of the four recommendations the Nampa School Board will consider tonight as a way to help save the district money.

Students attending Sunny Ridge would be moved to other elementary schools in the district.

It's not yet known what would happen to teachers and staff.

Here are the other recommendations the board will consider:

- Move the Nampa Early Childhood Learning Center, which is a special education preschool, from Lake Ridge Elementary School to Greenhurst Elementary School.
- New Horizons Dual Language Magnet Elementary School 5th grade students would attend the middle school in their attendance area in 2013-14.
- Eliminate bus service at New Horizons.

These recommendations are all for the 2013-2014 school year.

They are recommendations a group of stakeholders came up with after much consideration.

Superintendent Dr. Tom Michaelson will formally recommend them to the Nampa School Board for their consideration.

It's not known if there will be a final decision tonight or if the board will just talk about the options.

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