MERIDIAN-- A 21-year-old Boise man is in the Ada County Jail after police say he tried to sell ecstasy to an undercover police officer.

Alexander Casper, 21, of Boise was arrested shortly before 10 p.m. on March 6th.

Police say Casper originally sent a text message to a 13-year-old student offering ecstasy for sale. Apparently, the text message was a complete mistake, because the student notified a school resource officer immediately afterward.

Police are not releasing the name or location of the school in order to protect the student.

Meridian police officers then contacted Casper via text messages and phone calls, and were able to convince him to deliver ecstasy to them.

He contacted the 13-year-old on the 4th, and we contacted him on the 6th, said Deputy Chief Tracy Basterrechea.

The 21-year-old alleged drug dealer was then arrested after trying to sell an officer 15 capsules of ecstasy on Wednesday evening. Police continue to investigate his connection to drug sales in the area.

Casper remains in the Ada County Jail.

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