BOISE -- After 15 years of charging a modest $199 for its preseason passes, Bogus Basin is increasing the price. The rate hike means that skiers and snowboarders will pay $229 for the 2013-2014 season.

Bogus will sell the discount passes from Monday, February 18th through Sunday the 24th. After that, prices increase to $259. That price is also up $30 from last season.

Three more price tiers are available for season pass buyers (depending on the time of the season purchased). Those prices have not been increased.

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In a newsletter emailed to current pass holders, Bogus Basin offered this reason for the new price:

The price increase is needed to maintain basic mountain operations.

A followup chat with president and general manager Alan Moore reinforced the need for more revenue.

Everything we do has a cost to it, and it's all gone up, Moore told KTVB. Everything from gas, to diesel, seasonal labor ... parts for our high-speed quads, equipment to plow the roads.

When asked if scant snowfall in 2012 and 2013 necessitated that increase, Moore said it hadn't.

Instead, Moore said the increase was bound to happen eventually, and said he believes the $30 increase won't likely prevent folks from affording the pass.

Most importantly, Bogus Basin wants to be affordable to this community, Moore said. We don't want to carve out anybody from being able to ski.

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