BOISE -- Firefighters were called to rescue a dog after it fell through ice in the middle of a pond in West Boise Sunday afternoon.

A passerby spotted the dog floundering in the pond at DeMeyer Park around 3:30 and called dispatch.

Firefighters slid a roof ladder out onto the ice, hoping the dog would be able to pull itself out of the water, said Boise Fire battalion chief Aaron Hummel. When that didn't work, and the dog started to go under water, a firefighter tied a rope around his waist slid out onto the ice while holding onto the ladder. The firefighter leaned into the water until he felt the dog's fur, then pulled the dog out, Hummel said.

Once on the shore, firefighters attempted CPR on the dog, but were unable to resuscitate him.

The dog wasn't wearing a collar, but had a microchip, which the Humane Society used to contact the owners.

Hummel tells KTVB that the incident is a poignant reminder of the dangers of iced-over lakes and ponds.

Because no one saw the dog go in the water, Hummel said there was initially a concern that someone may have already tried to rescue the dog and had gone in the water as well. Once on scene, though, they realized that no one else had gone in.

Hummel said it's important to keep your dog on a leash while out for walks. And if your dog does go out on the ice, it's important to avoid going after him.

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