BOISE -- Controversial wolf hunt issues brought a packed house for a Fish and Game Commission hearing Wednesday night.

On Thursday morning, the commission will decide whether to reroute $50,000 from coyote control to wolf control.

Fish and Game says the money will support wolf control efforts already in place that allow the agency to kill wolves that have attacked animals, such as livestock or elk.

However, more than a dozen people who spoke at the meeting say there are other ways to protect livestock, and they don't want money going toward wolf hunting or trapping.

I don't want to see any hunting of the wolf. It is what it is, we've already gone down that road. I don't want to see any trapping. It's inhumane. It's disgusting, said Lanette McDermott, who is against wolf hunting.

Fish and Game officials say the wolf population is doing fine and this wouldn't necessarily increase the number killed.

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