BOISE -- There has been lots of chatter about the conditions of the roads after Monday's snowstorm, and people are wondering... where are the snowplows?

Ada County Highway District says there are 10 plow trucks working the roads in the Boise area and three to four trucks along rural roads.

The problem though with clearing the roads has been staying on top of the storm system and the snow accumulation. Normally, there are breaks in the storm and windows of opportunity of ACHD to play catch up and clear some of the less traveled roads. However, since snow has been falling much of the day, ACHD says they have had to stay on the top priority roads including: roads that are heavily traveled, hills, overpasses, and roads by schools and hospitals.

We have a crew that's on right now. They will stay on until around 7:30 and then we'll have a new crew come in. Those folks will stay on throughout the evening commute and into the early morning commute tomorrow, and then we'll have the crew that's on now come back again. So working those two crews long days and certainly keeping them out, keeping all pieces of equipment out at this hour, says ACHD Spokeswoman Christine Myron.

ACHD tells KTVB, that there are challenges to plowing roads, as it can block driveways to homes and businesses, as well as trap in parked cars, so they have to be selective in the roads they blow. ACHD also says that you will probably not going to see snowplows on neighborhood roads due to the accumulation of snow.

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