GARDEN CITY - An alleged snowboard thief was collared by Garden City Police Thursday.

Officers say the juvenile offender stole several snowboards from Bogus Basin Ski Resort.

Garden City Police Detective John Brumbaugh said someone tipped-off police to the stolen property Thursday night.

We had about five recovered snowboards, Brumbaugh said. Our understanding is that all five of those boards are stolen, but we're waiting for the reports to be filed with Boise County to verify that.

Police aren't sure if the snowboards were secured at the time of the alleged theft.

Snowboarders whose gear may have been taken are encouraged to contact the Boise County Sheriff's Office and file a stolen property report. The sheriff's office can be reached at 208-392-4411.

We would like to get the stolen property back to their rightful owners as soon as possible, Brumbaugh said.

Police have not released the name of the young man whose suspected of taking the snowboards because he's under the age of 18.

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