BOISE -- Many of us do at least some Christmas shopping online. However, that could be putting us at increased risk for theft.

Bill Sawyer, a 79-year-old marine, now retired, was sitting in his office Thursday afternoon. He says he saw the mail carrier put a package, which turned out to be a Christmas present from his son, on his doorstep. Five minutes later, he says a young man came up, grabbed his son's Christmas present, and took off.

Sawyer yelled, and bolted out the door to the man's car.

It probably doesn't show the best judgment in the world, but it made me angry, said Sawyer. By the time I got to the car, he was already in it. I got the passenger door open and was about to bail in on top of him, and he drove off. I had to let go lest I get dragged.

Sawyer says the thief tossed the present out the door, when he realized it was just pictures in a frame. The present wasn't broken, and Sawyer says he gave a decent description of the car to police.

Meridian Deputy Chief of Police Tracy Basterrechea says he's seen cases before where thieves follow delivery trucks, and then snatch the packages they leave. I just try to tell people, be as careful as you can be.

He says there's ways to try to avoid this. Have it delivered to your work... You want it delivered somewhere, where there's someone who can take physical possession of it.

Basterrechea says you can also have it delivered to a neighbor that's home. Bill, of course, was home. So, there's not much more he could've done. He's just disgusted by the whole thing.

I can't think of anything more despicable than running around snatching people's Christmas presents! said Sawyer. I have particular trouble with it, because he didn't know that that wasn't a child's Christmas present. I just have no use for those kind of people.

If you can't have your package delivered to your work, or you're not going to be home, you can also have it held at the distribution center.

Police say until this incident, they haven't seen much of this type of theft in the area (or at least heard it reported). But, national statistics say it is on the rise, as more people shop online.

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