PORTLAND -- A 67-year-old woman was trapped under a dresser in her home for four days.

Friday night Washington County deputies went to check on the welfare of a woman who lives in the Cedar Mill community of the county.

Neighbors told deputies they had not seen or spoke with Virginia Cartier in four days. They told deputies she lives alone but her car was still in the parking lot and she usually tells neighbors when she will be away.

Deputies decided to force their way into her home to check on her. They found she was hurt but alive. Cartier had been moving furniture in her home when a dresser fell and trapped her.

She was taken to the hospital with injuries to both her legs. She has since been released.

Sgt. Vance Stimler with the Washington County Sheriff's office said, If not for the concerned neighbors and decisive action of the deputies on scene the result of this situation could have been tragic.

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