BOISE You may not enjoy walking in Ann Morrison Park s eastside because of the goose droppings, but a new plan is now in place to get you to enjoy walking in the park.

The Boise Parks and Recreation has launched a temporary off leash area in the park.

It runs from the water fountain, east and Tom Governale, Superintendent of Boise Parks and Recreation said that s to help manage the Canada geese population.

Over the years we have tried a lot of different methods, said Governale. We have tried lasers, we have tried chasing the geese in some of the utility vehicles, we have tried coyote cutouts.

However, none of those methods have worked so Governale believes perhaps the answer is a predator-prey relationship.

So using a live animal i.e. the dogs, is the best way to get them to go somewhere else for awhile, said Governale.

After spending some time in that area of the park, KTVB found that most everyone can agree the poop has got to go.

I mean you can hardly walk out here without getting goose poop all over your feet, said Boise resident Craig Cunningham.

We found Cunningham and his dog Chevy taking use of the no leash law.

I mean it's pretty bad down here, he said.

Some believe the plan may not work, but others like Chris Bevington believe it can.

Yeah I have to get him off leash a lot, said Bevington as he was getting his dog Kenny out of the car to play in the park Monday.

I ve been taking him to the off-leash dog parks usually Sunset Park but you can only do it from sunrise to ten in the morning, he said.

He came to the park because he recently heard the rules regarding dog leashes have changed.

During the winter months people want to get out they want to get active unfortunately it s the same time a lot of the geese come through that area, explained Governale.

Officials with Boise Parks and Recreation hope more people will use Ann Morrison Park to not only get active in these winter months but also deal with the ever-increasing damage the geese put on the park turf.

He loves to chase animals, Bevington said about his dog Kenny.

He is on board to help with the plan, and says Kenny is too.

I have to get him off leash he just loves running and we have the chuck-it so I can throw it a hundred yards and he will just keep going back and forth, back and forth, said Bevington.

There are rules for dog owners to be aware of

Your dog must be trained to follow your voice command, and you have to pick up after it according to Governale.

Along with that, it must be licensed and to make sure of that, you could be stopped by park patrols and asked to prove that your dog has a license.

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