MERIDIAN -- We hear of theft happening around the holidays, but the Boise Police Department is investigating a crime that many are shaking their heads at.

Surveillance photos released Tuesday by BPD could help one Meridian businesswoman; Samantha Simonds get her toy poodle, Dallas, back.

Dallas is not your ordinary poodle; in fact, he has a very distinct marking, one anyone would be sure to notice.

He is black and he has an orange Mohawk all the way down his body, explained Simonds.

Simonds owns the Paw Spa, a doggie salon on Meridian Road and she says many know her dog Dallas. She says he is almost like a mascot for her business.

Everywhere I take him people stop me; she said. You know he s like a little celebrity.

Friday night, Samantha stopped at the Walmart on Overland to grab a few things for dinner that evening.

She said she was only gone for a short amount of time, but during that time, Dallas was taken from her truck.

I (came) back out to the truck and I notice there are only three dogs in my cab, she said.

At first, she was confused about whether Dallas jumped out of the back window.

So I panic, I am running all over the parking lot, I am crying, I am screaming, I am calling for him, she said.

Finally, after searching the parking lot, she went to lost prevention at the Walmart, where an employee confirmed after reviewing the parking lot surveillance video, that two women stole her dog.

I just couldn t believe that, like that kind of thing just should not happen, she said. I can t even believe someone would take a dog like that.

According to Wal-Mart policy, Simonds was not allowed to see the video surveillance herself.

However, on Tuesday Boise Police released surveillance photos of the two women seen again the next day at the Wal-Mart in Nampa.

The photos show the women walking around inside the store, with the black and orange striped toy poodle tucked inside a coat.

Right there she is holding him right there, said Simonds after looking over the photos for the first time, Tuesday.

Oh it makes me angry, that makes me angry all over again, she said.

Word of the pooch snatching spread fast, thanks to social media and Simonds creating a Find Dallas Facebook page.

A day and a half later I have almost 500 followers on there, she tells us.

According to the stats, I have reached 5,000 people. People are telling me they are talking about it at beauty salons, people I don t even know.

The dog is valued at more than $1,000, which means the two women suspected of taking the dog will face felony charges.

Boise Police hope the surveillance photos can close the case, while Simonds just wants her dog back, no questions asked.

If everyone in Boise, Nampa, and Meridian is looking for him, there is no place for them to hide him, she said.

Simonds was told, the two women talked to an associate in the Nampa Walmart store where the surveillance photos were taken.

They are seen buying something at the customer service counter, but paid using cash and Simonds fears there is no paper trail to use a lead.

Simonds is also offering a $1,000 reward for his return.

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