BOISE -- A wealth of great attractions highlighted Boise's Holiday Parade Saturday, from the motorcycles and cars, to the performers, to the shopping carts.

That's right, shopping carts pushed by volunteers for the Salvation Army.

It's great Christmas Spirit! exclaimed Major John Stennett of the Salvation Army, as he and about a dozen volunteers walked along the sides of the parade, picking up donations of money, food, and toys. We live in a wonderful community. And people know, when they're out celebrating, they still are ready to open their hearts, and help other people as well.

Tina Braegger of the Salvation Army organized their part in the parade. Rain or snow, we get donations like crazy! She says every year, parade-goers give hundreds of toys and whatever food and money they can.

Tammy Eliasen was one of the volunteers collecting donations. We had one little boy who had just one penny, said Eliasen. That's all he had. And he's like, 'You probably don't want my one penny.' The gentleman from the Salvation Army is like, 'Yes! Every penny helps somebody in need.'

It's so awesome to see the community in Boise, said Braegger. We love Boise because they're so giving. They love to help people at Christmas.

Maj. Stennett says the giving is especially appreciated now. He says the small gifts donated Saturday will be crucial to thousands of families already coming in to his offices, looking for help.

Many of the families now are just about to get back on track, said Stennett. So, this is just one more little blessing to help them as they get back on their feet. And, there are a lot of families who are trying to stay on their feet. So, anything we can do to help them not become homeless, or to get out of homelessness, that's what we want to do.

The Salvation Army will be one of the deserving charities to benefit from Cares Day in two weeks on December 8th. It's a day where we invite you to come to our studios and three other locations and drop off food and cash for The Idaho Foodbank, the Jubilee House, The Boise Rescue Mission and the Salvation Army.

This year you can donate at the KTVB studios on Fairview, The Idaho Center in Nampa, The Fred Meyer in Twin Falls and new this year, the Fred Meyer at Chinden and Linder at Eagle Island. It runs from 8 a.m. to noon.

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