NAMPA -- The Nampa School District Board of Trustees named Dr. Thomas L. Michaelson as interim Superintendent at a Thursday night meeting.

Michaelson takes over full-time on November 28, but district officials say he will spend the next two weeks preparing by meeting with school and district leaders to learn more about the current financial situation in the district.

The district realized earlier in the school year that an error in budget calculation resulted in a more than $4 million shortfall. The school's previous superintendent, Gary Larsen, resigned in September after the initial errors were discovered.

Michaelson retired and moved to Nampa in July 2010 to be closer to his family. Previously, he was a superintendent in California schools for nearly 30 years. KTVB asked Michaelson about his previous experience and how that would fit with the Nampa district's current situation.

I have had 34 years of education experience, 29 of those have been in the superintendency position or the CEO position of the organization, Michaelson said. Three of those districts I have dealt with over the past 10 years have been in a situation... financial crisis, and we ve had to work through the process. One of those districts took about... 6 years, the other two districts were about 3 years. But, each district is unique, and the problems are unique, so there needs to be a time for analysis and then put together a plan for execution of getting the process in place.

Michaelson was previously superintendent at King City Public Schools (King City and Greenfield, California), Esparto Unified SchoolDistrict (Esparto, California), Rockford School District (Porterville, California), and Sausalito School District (Porterville, California).

His contract will run through June 2013. His salary details were not available Thursday, but the district says those details will come out on Friday.

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