NAMPA A $4.3 million budget shortfall is having a big impact on students and teachers in the Nampa School District. The district was forced to cut funding that normally pays for schools supplies.

The community responded today as people came to the Nampa Civic Center to donate some much-needed school supplies.

We went inside some classrooms around the district to see how they have been impacted by the lack of supplies.

We have put cardstock in sheet protectors and they can use dry erase markers and practice that way, said kindergarten teacher Nichole Vigil.

Instead of five and six year olds learning how to write with a pencil and paper, they're learning to write on plastic with a marker.

We just don't have enough. There just aren't enough supplies, said Vigil. We have to be extremely creative, because we don't have dittos, we don't have copies.

That's the same situation with Maria Tabuso's first grade class.

Have you ever experienced the need to adapt like you have this year? asked NewsChannel 7.

Not as much as we have this year, said Tabuso.

With such deep and unexpected cuts, the Nampa School District is relying on generous donations.

The Nampa Schools Foundation is running a campaign called Supply Our Students. They've invited the community to get involved by asking them to donate supplies that the district can't afford.

Every ream of paper or box of supplies will go a long way in these classrooms.

You see teachers here, late hours working trying to modify what they had planned to fit with what materials we have, said Tabuso.

I'm so excited that the community is working together to do something to help our kids, said Vigil.

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