Oz Blog Day 18

If you were at the grocery store last night at midnight, I was the guy buying the bag of grapefruits. I m putting them in my morning smoothie now, and have added them to my ever-growing list of Oz responsibilities. On that list, as you can see, I also give a short explanation of WHY I m eating or taking the supplements or food that I am. Without fail, by the time I sit down to blog, I ve already forgotten why I m even eating or taking what I am. I mean, I m sure whatever it is; it s to make me healthier... somehow. Let me see here, according to the voice-to-text notes on my phone, grapefruit is good for... a meat embolism? Darn auto-correct. I think I meant metabolism... unless Dr. Oz means for me to eat enough meat to create some sort of blockage in my arteries or veins, which runs counter to his normal message.

Ginger, I can t quit you. I m talking about ginger root, not some woman that my wife was momentarily planning to beat up. My co-workers keep singing the praises of ginger root, as Dr. Oz has. So, after hating raw ginger and ginger chews, I tried Jamie Grey s ginger tea today. Jamie loves the stuff. As usual, my post-taste face tells the story.

Now that I look at that picture... the tea wasn t actually as bad as I m making it look. And again, Jamie loves it! Meanwhile, my chunder (what my colleague Stephanie Zepelin calls the chin under a chin) looks like it s trying to escape my body like biscuit dough from a can.

By the way, I m working on eliminating my chunder. It s kind of like my daily barometer of how my program is going. No chunder means I m doing well. If my chunder is to a Louis XVI level, then I need to eat more grapefruit, apparently.

On Thursday s show, Dr. Oz recommended a bunch of food to help reduce our risk of cancer; like berries, tomatoes, carrots, grapefruits. Fortunately, I m already eating a lot of that stuff, thanks to Oz. So, thanks for being consistent, Doctor.

On a recent episode of Dr. Oz, he talked about how it s a myth that when women live or work together, they cycle together. I might disagree. Southwest Idaho has a big bicycling community, and I often see women riding together (ed note: I would explain to Justin what Oz meant by cycling, but that s just not a conversation I want to have).

7:00AM - Personal business followed by a weigh-in
7:10AM - Chanting
7:15AM - Five Tibetans workout
7:20AM - Chris Powell s five minute workout
7:25AM - Five minute metabolism workout
7:30AM - Lift weights
7:35AM - Drink Kitchen Sink Smoothie
8:00AM - Read Tweets
8:30AM - Apply topical vitamin C with sunscreen ($19 for 4 ounces)
2:00PM - Eat dark chocolate
6:00PM - Take fiber supplement
8:00PM - Post on Facebook
10:20PM - Use neti pot (helps snoring) ($12.50 a month, including pot)
11:15PM - Apply witch hazel ($6 for 16 ounces)
11:20PM - Apply nasal strip (helps snoring) ($10 a month)
11:25PM - Do bed yoga
11:30PM - Bedtime

- Some onion (treats and prevents various diseases) ($2.50 for a 5lb bag)
- Papaya juice (increases energy) ($4 for 32oz)
- 1oz of dark chocolate (lowers cholesterol, improves blood pressure, reduces inflammation) ($15 a month)
- 2 cups of white tea (busts fat) ($7.50 a month)
- 2 tbsp of coconut oil (improves metabolism) ($12 a month)
- Half-a-grapefruit (boost metabolism) ($13 a month)

- 2000mg of glucomannan root (dietary fiber/weight loss) ($13 a month)
- 500mg of turmeric (fights liver damage/Alzheimer s/some cancers) ($7.50 a month)
- 400mg of astragalus (slows down aging) ($7.50 a month)
- 1 Tbsp of pea protein powder (curbs cravings) ($18 a month)
- 1 Tbsp of brewer s yeast (increases energy) ($15 a month)
- 1 Daily multivitamin (does a lot of stuff) ($2 a month)

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