BOISE -- By now you've probably noticed, commercials, ads, signs, fliers -- all the ways different groups and candidates are trying to get your attention and your vote.

Candidates are spending a lot of money to get your attention.

I think a significant portion of it goes to advertising and particularly broadcast advertising, said KTVB political analyst, Dr. Jim Weatherby.

Weatherby said it's a big part of a campaign.

It's important for them to get their message out, to define themselves as well as their opponent, he said.

The candidates don't always play a clean game.

There are far too many of them these day that tell you more about how bad the other person is, rather than what they would do if they were elected to office, said Weatherby.

Even though Dr. Weatherby said voters complain about negative ads, the ads are effective.

There's something about the negative ads that tend to stick in the mind of the voter and have some influence, ultimately, on their voting behavior, he said.

This election, Weatherby said undecided voters are a big target for candidates, even here in Idaho with Propositions 1, 2, and 3. But throwing money at ads, signs, and fliers doesn't guarantee a win.

Money in itself does not always equate to votes. It's helpful to have the resources to get your message out but you have to have a little savvy mixed in with that money.

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