CALDWELL, Idaho -- When two Canyon County Deputies were shot Tuesday night, it was felt around the Valley. Many of the officers and deputies were their friends, and part of their law enforcement fraternity. However, they all had a job to do in catching the suspect, possibly putting their own lives in danger.

Most people don't have our backs. So, we have to have each others' backs, said Corporal James Davis of Caldwell Police. He was on duty when two Canyon County Sheriff's Deputies were shot. We're a family, so we take care of each other.

Despite not being part of the same agency, he, like officers and deputies from around the area, felt like their brothers had been shot. Nevertheless, they all had a job to do, catching the suspect.

You don't think about the potential danger, said Davis. You can't think about it, otherwise you can't do your job.

Almost everybody knows each other, said Sergeant Patrick Schneider, Team Leader for Ada Metro SWAT. So, the immediate thought is, 'Who is it? And, are they going to be OK? And then, let's go make it safer, and find the person who did it.'

Schneider was one of 40 to 50 officers and deputies from Canyon County, Caldwell, Nampa, Ada County, Meridian, and Homedale who responded to the call.

It's not necessarily a surprise, but it's quite humbling that across county lines, even, they're still going to jump in, said Davis.

Schneider says everyone wants to help in a situation like that, partly to assist their brothers, but also because the public is in increased danger.

If they're willing to shoot or hurt a police officer, they're probably willing to do that to a citizen too, said Schneider.

He also says, thanks to the fact that many of the agencies train together and use the same tactics, they were able to work very well together, and get control of the situation as quickly as they could. [It was] 30, 40, 50 officers out there, doing everything they can to make the community safer. When other people are running away from that kind of thing, they're running towards it.

In addition, Sergeant Schneider said the Ada SWAT Team itself shows great cooperation of agencies, since it includes the Sheriff's Office, Meridian Police, Garden City Police, Ada County Paramedics, and a Boise Bomb Tech.

Ada SWAT responded to the shooting in a huge black vehicle that looks like it came from a war-zone, because it did. It was used by the New Iraq Army, and even has a bullet strike still on one of the windows. Ada SWAT got it from Army Surplus, so it did not cost taxpayers a thing.

This officer involved shooting was not the only shots fired in Caldwell. Wednesday morning, a second report came, on College Street. Therefore, officers had to respond to that, just hours later. They say two men were struggling over a handgun when one man was shot and taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

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