BOISE -- A Boise woman could be facing a long prison sentence after pleading guilty to two charges surrounding the death of her former landlady back in 2007.

Prosecutors say 44-year-old Carrie Horsman failed to report the death of 76-year-old Dee Lynn of Meridian. She also admitted to stealing $7,525 from the dead woman.

Horsman, who was living with Lynn, report her missing on June 19, 2007. Her body was found in a suitcase in the garage of her home three days later. Meridian Police say Lynn was about 5-foot-1, and her entire body was in the suitcase.

Police say Horsman took steps to cover up the death, and steal money from Lynn. Horsman was in possession of some of Lynn's checks and money.

Horsman denied any involvement in Lynn's death, which police have long considered to be a homicide.

Prosecutors say Horsman faces up to 24 years in prison. Sentencing is set for Dec. 12.

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