BOISE -- Emotional testimony today from the woman who was married to the shooting victim killed in a Walgreens parking lot last year. At the center of the whole case is an affair between the victim and the suspect's wife.

This is the fourth day of testimony and evidence prosecutors are presenting against Rob Hall, who is accused of murdering attorney Emmett Corrigan.

Prosecutors say Hall killed Corrigan to stop his wife Kandi Hall from leaving him for Corrigan.

Ashlee Birk, formerly Ashlee Corrigan, was married to Corrigan for almost seven years and had several children together. Since the shooting, she has remarried.

In the past two weeks, she has been in the courtroom for nearly every moment of this trial. Today she testified for prosecutors. She says she suspected something was going on with Emmett, but never had any evidence of an affair.

The night of shooting, she says she made his favorite dinner and there was family time with the kids. Also that night, he spoke to a relative, who is also a counselor, on the phone. Then she got on the phone with that counselor. During that call was the last time she saw her husband alive.

He came into the bedroom and said, hey I'm going to run to Walgreens, said Ashlee Birk. And I kind of moved the phone away from my ear and said, can you just wait here? Please just wait and we'll talk about everything you guys talked about, and we'll talk about the things I talked about, and maybe just have a night where we just hang out together and really work. And he said, no, I'm going to go.

According to witness timelines, we know it was just an hour or two later that Corrigan was killed in the Walgreens parking lot. Today in court we saw the actual gun from the shooting - which again, prosecutors say belonged to Rob Hall - and say he used to shoot Corrigan in the head and heart.

There were some tense moments in court when a witness briefly mentioned Rob Hall perhaps having a previous affair. Defense attorneys called for a mistrial, however, the judge just asked jurors to disregard that statement and move on.

The prosecution will continue Tuesday. It appears the defense will start its case on Thursday.

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