SHERWOOD, Ore -- Chris Mollahan has an ax to grind. Several years ago, he said he was the victim of identity theft. So when the Sherwood man came home for lunch Wednesday afternoon and saw two men were burglarizing his home, he was determined not to be a victim again.

This pickax here is what I found in my garage. It s the only thing I could find that would be able to protect myself, Mollahan said.

As he watched the men take out his and wife s jewelry, he said one of the men told him they were armed. Mollahan realized they were bluffing when the men ran to the car they had parked in his driveway. That s when the ax went into action.

I didn t want him to leave my house so the first thing I did was I hit the right rear wheel and punctured it immediately, Mollahan said. And then I proceeded to go to the front wheel and hit the hubcap. It broke off.

Police say the men left behind the stolen items but drove out of the house in the 24000 block of Morgan Lane. It appears they didn t get very far.

Police found a damaged and abandoned car with a flat tire matching the description about a ten minute drive away in the 12000 block of Westfall Road. A suspicious homeowner there called police after two men offered a hundred dollars to get a ride into town.

The Clackamas County Sheriff s office says the suspects are described as Hispanic, in their 20s and dressed in dark clothing. One male was about 5' 9 average build wearing a dark short sleeve shirt and blue jeans. The second male was about 5' 7 average build also wearing a dark colored shirt and blue jeans.

The vehicle recovered is a white Honda Accord, but police say it was stolen from Clark County Washington.

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