MERIDIAN -- Students and staff at Renaissance High School in Meridian went into lock down for approximately two hours on Wednesday after a man with a gun was sighted in a nearby parking lot.

Meridian Chief of Police Jeff Lavey says a campus security guard contacted police after seeing a man with a hand gun inside a car shortly after 1:30 pm.

Lavey told KTVB the man was illegally parked in a police-style vehicle waiting for a woman who had entered nearby Idaho State University. Police say the car was parked south of the building shared by Renaissance High School, Idaho State University, and the Meridian School District offices.

Officers responded to the schools and detained both the man and the woman -- but did not immediately arrest them.

Police also searched the interior of Renaissance High School and Idaho State University to make sure no suspicious people or items were inside.

Meridian School District spokesman Eric Exline saidRenaissance High School went into lock down shortly after police were alerted to the situation.

Exline says the lock down lasted until just after 3:30 p.m.

He says parents are welcome to pick up their students, and added that students who normally ride the bus will be approximately 30 minutes late coming home.

Chief Lavey told KTVB the man with the gun reportedly did have a concealed weapons permit.

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