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BOISE, Idaho -- Police say a Neo-nazi hate group didn't cause any legal problems or other disturbances this weekend when they held a concert in rural Canyon County.

The Hammerskins are a neo-Nazi, white supremacist group that announced plans to hold their annual Hammerfest in Boise in early September.

Police braced for possible violence and other problems after the announcement.

However, according to the Canyon County Sheriff's Dept., the Hammerskins presented law enforcement with no problems during the event.

Corporal Bill Jarrett said the concert happened on Saturday near Melmont Road on private property.

They had their little concert -- it popped up at the last minute of course, Jarrett said.

The group had advertised the event on social media.

The location was listed as Boise, but no venue was named, leading to a lot of speculation about where the gathering would be.

Jarrett couldn't elaborate on how police became aware of the event's location, but said police knew shortly after the concert started.

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