BOISE -- Idaho's State Controller, Donna Jones, is still recovering after a horrible car crash. At the end of May, Jones rolled her car in Minidoka County and broke 14 bones.

Jones, 73, was released from the hospital at the end of August. She is continuing her recovery at an assisted living center in Boise.

She is doing incredibly well, said Brandon Woolf, the temporary acting officer for the State Controller's Office.

Woolf says Jones choose to stay in Boise instead of making the daily commute to therapy from Payette, her hometown.

It is a lot of work, but as many know, Donna works so hard, said Woolf.

It also seems that Jones can't stay away from work. Throughout her recovery she's checked in with her office. She is always wanting to stay involved and in touch with anything that is going on, said Woolf.

Woolf told KTVB that Jones recently made a trip into the office to see everyone. She loves her staff more than anything, said Woolf. So, it was great for our staff to see her as well.

Jones asked Governor Otter to appoint a temporary replacement because she knew she would be facing a long recovery. Otter selected Brian Woolf, Jones' Chief Deputy Controller, to act as the temporary acting officer.

Woolf says it is not clear when Jones will be back to work or if she will return. Based upon her recovery, we will deal with it at that time, said Woolf. But we will continue to go forth and do the best that she would have us and want us to do and make her proud of the work that we are doing here.

The state controller plays a big role in Idaho's government. This is the person who pays the state's bills and makes sure state employees get paid. Woolf and the rest of Jones' office has made sure that continues without any glitches during her absence.

Donna always says 'let's get back to work' and that's her famous lines at the end of any meeting, said Woolf. That is what we've continued to do.

Woolf says whenever Jones talks to her co-workers, she has one big reminder for them, always wear your seat belt. Jones believes wearing her seat belt saved her life.

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