BOISE -- Saturday was a time to celebrate for thousands of women in downtown Boise. The Saint Luke's Women's Fitness Celebration finished up with the premiere event, a 5k run, walk, and stroll through downtown Boise. And this party had a purpose.

For the 20th time, the event brought thousands of women to the streets of Idaho's capital city for a celebration in honor of being fit and active.

Yes! We did it! We did it! yelled Kate Tropea as she neared the finish line.

Tropea was participating in the event for the first time ever, while her friend Sally Best, was celebrating for her 4th year. It's great to celebrate being alive, said Tropea.

I do this every year, said Crystal Dunkin, who was walking to honor female veterans. I just want to step up for those girls. That takes a lot of courage, and that's why I'm suited up today, for those women.

Dunkin was also pleased to see a lot of young girls at the Celebration. It's just good energy. It's great to see the families out, and see all the little ones exposed to this early in life. It's good for them.

Yvonne Dunbar competed with her young daughter in the stroller division. I love it, said Dunbar. We're planning to do it every year.

Most of the people we talked to agreed with Dunbar, that if the idea of the Celebration is to inspire more women to be fit, a great place to start is the youth. I think it's important to keep yourself healthy, said Dunbar, and then to instill those values in your children.

Susan Anderson's family had three generations Celebrating. To encourage women to do it. There's generations of women who haven't, said Anderson. To show the little girls and stuff that it's good to get out and be active.

And little Alyssa Stevens could be proof that the message is getting through. She's been in the race every year, but walked the whole 5 kilometers this year. She said it was hard, but worth it.

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