BOISE -- Some people are just meant to lead, and that quality certainly seems to be true about the winner of this week's Distinguished Student Award.

As Doug Petcash shows us, it has a lot to do with the way she conducts herself -- and her high school band.

Christina Wilmot is the head drum major for the Capital High School Band.

When asked, Wilmot describes her leadership role as one of service. If I portray confidence, then it makes them more comfortable, Wilmot said. so my job is to serve the band, and do whatever can make them better.

Wilmot is currently in her second year as drum major. She conducts the band during school practice and also at halftime performances on the football field.

She says her job allows her to see all the hard work that students do, and adds that she's got the best seat in the house during performances.

Along with conducting the band, Wilmot also plays the flute in band. She says she loves music because it demands perfection. In a class if you get a '95', you're pretty good -- you feel good about it, Wilmot explains. But with music, if you play 95% of the notes right, it doesn't sound good.

Wilmot's academic marks show she approaches school like she approaches music. That's because she currently boasts a 4.15 GPA, and has enrolled in a total of 8 advanced placement classes throughout high school. What's more: Wilmot is also a National Merit Scholar semifinalist.

I like a challenge -- I like to be able to push myself whenever possible, Wilmot explains.

Wilmot likes to take on challenges in different ways too. That's because she volunteers at the Boise Watershed Environmental Education Center and with the Capital High Tutor Club.

She's also on the debate and the ski teams, and recently completed a six-week physics internship at Idaho State University. I got to work in a microbiology lab where we were working on radiation studies and genes, and that was really interesting to me, so I think I might go into that, Wilmot said.

Christina Wilmot -- this week's distinguished student award winner.

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