HOMEDALE, Idaho -- Officers were called to Homedale High School Thursday morning due to a reported 'hit list' that was identified or found somewhere in the school.

Homedale Superintendent Rob Sauer told KTVB that all students are safe, and that classes are still in session.

Sauer also said that an unidentified student had been suspended for a total of 15 days due to the incident.

There is information that is out there that we have not been able to verify in our investigation, Sauer said. Some of it is correct, some of it is not correct that people are sharing. We are sharing what we can with respect to the fact that we are dealing with a minor, and we have turned information over to the police department.

Police say there were more than a dozen names on the hit list.

On Wednesday, students and parents received an email from the Homedale School District explaining the problem, and informing students that it was safe to come to class Thursday.

Many students left anyway.

Erin Shenk is a senior at Homedale High School. Shenk said many students didn't feel comfortable in class due to the threat. More than half of us didn't even come today, because they didn't feel compfortable, Shenk said.

Police say the student who made the list is a minor, and is currently in their custody.

There will be a police presence visible at the high school onThursday.

The district is allowing parents remove their children from class Thursday, but maintains that students are safe.

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