BOISE -- Game day for the Broncos will be even crazier than usual.

The Boise State University campus will be packed on Thursday as tens of thousands of people attend games, shows, and class.

But where is everyone going to park? They're not.

BSU is planning on handling the potential chaos.

While there's enough room for everyone, there's not enough room for everyone's cars. That's why BSU officials are encouraging people to find another way to get to the campus.

From the big game against BYU, to a pair of performances of Les Miserables at the Morrison Center, to a volleyball game, to the day's classes, it's going to be a busy day at Boise State Thursday.

We are expecting about 70,000 people to campus throughout the day, said Nicole Bandas, BSU Transportation and Parking Services.

But Bandas says there's only 7,700 parking spots on campus, and that's more than normal thanks to the school leasing some extra lots.

Here on campus, we will have very limited public parking, if any, said Bandas.

That's why BSU is encouraging Bronco fans, students and staff to give their cars 'a brake,' and use alternative transportation on Thursday. They want people to take a bus or shuttle from one of the downtown parking garages; walk or bike, and use one of BSU's bike valet services.

And really celebrate the day as an alternative transportation day, amongst everything that's happening on our campus, said Bandas.

It's great that the Broncos are encouraging people to bike to the game or walk to the game. We encourage that as well, said Adam Park.

Adam Park with the mayor's office says the city of Boise encourages alternative transportation year-round. He believes with the Greenbelt, the city is built for it and is already one of the top 10 bicycling commuting cities in the U.S.. He hopes some people use this as a time to start a good habit.

As we get to be a larger and larger city, transportation becomes more difficult, and cars really aren't going to be the solution to our transportation problems. We have to look at alternative forms of transportation, said Park.

BSU wants students and staff to use alternative transportation too.

Starting at 2 p.m. Thursday, they'll start towing any cars parked in numbered spots around Bronco Stadium. Those spots belong to Bronco boosters on game day.

They'll sell any other parking spots on campus, if they're empty.

Parking Services will have people on campus starting at 5 a.m. letting people know where they can and can't park.

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