BOISE -- Police responded to a report of a suspicious man carrying a shotgun while dressed in camouflage near W. Overland Road and Latah Street Monday morning.

Boise Police say a neighbor called to report the man just before 10 a.m. They say the caller was concerned because he'd been approached by the man who was wearing camo, a bandolier with ammunition, and carrying a shotgun.

Police say the caller reported the armed man was talking, but not making sense.

Officers responded to the call and found the armed man on the roof of his home.

Police then blocked nearby streets, and helped several residents voluntarily evacuate their homes.

The man was eventually calmed down a short time later, and persuaded to leave his roof by Ada County Sheriff's deputies, including a deputy who knew the man from high school.

Officers have identified the man as a war veteran currently suffering from emotional issues. They're currently helping the man seek appropriate medical treatment.

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