BOISE -- A Boise daycare provider convicted of killing a two-year-old boy in her care will spend at least 10 years in prison.

Prosecutors said 58-year-old Katherine Stanfield treated Wyatt Fesler so roughly that he eventually died from a brain injury on Dec. 13, 2009. They claim Stanfield was frustrated with the boy.

Stanfield, who was convicted of first-degree murder by a jury in June, maintains her innocence. She said that Wyatt was prone to losing his balance and that a fall led to the head injury that claimed his life.

Fourth District Judge Ronald Wilper gave Stanfield a life sentence Tuesday, but she will be eligible for parole after 10 years. She was also given credit for 93 days already served in jail.

Wyatt is the son of Lance Fesler, who is engaged to Stacie Duvall, the Stanfield's daughter.

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