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MIDDLETON -- A haystack fire created quite a plume of smoke over Middleton Friday afternoon.

Middleton Fire Chief Brad Trosky says a 400-ton stack of hay ignited inside a barn. The hay was still green and it spontaneously combusted.

The fire smoldered inside the center of the stack for awhile and then became fully involved, giving firefighters a major challenge to control it.It was hard for crews to access the fire so they had to fight it in a defensive position.

If it is not in a building we tend to have a lot of success getting the uninvolved hay away from the involved hay with loaders and stuff, but because this is inside of a building it's too dangerous to put a loader inside of it, said Trosky.

Several agencies responded to the haystack fire including Middleton, Caldwell, Star and Parma fire departments.

No word on the amount of money lost in the fire.

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