BOISE -- It takes a lot to get firefighters ready to go out and fight Idaho's biggest wildfires. On Thursday, KTVB's Natalie Podgorski got a look inside their 'home away from home' near Pine and Featherville.

It's first class service and food, but it's in the middle of nowhere.

Two weeks ago it was just a field -- but not anymore.

This is the base camp for all the firefighters working the Trinity Ridge Fire.

These camps are like our life for the summer, said Crew Boss Neil Damon. Damon says his domain is basically like a little city. There's even a store.

It is kind of like your Walmart on the fire fighting line, said Henry Hasselhan, the camp's supply unit leader. Hasselhan says the supply unit has everything the firefighters need to fight and fire, and be comfortable in camp.

Everything they need we have, said Hasselhan.

However, the overwhelming favorite place in camp seems to be the where the food is.

When I wake up in the morning I think wow I've got to fix 3,000 meals today, said Mike Kramer with Thunder Mountain Catering. Kramer is in charge of feeding almost 1,000 hungry fire personnel.

Personnel who sometimes even get steaks, or even seafood after a hard day fighting fires.

On Thursday, Kramer said his company cooked around 600 pounds of pork chops -- just for dinner. He said it takes another 700 pounds of meat to make lunch. We are preparing 1,400 shack lunches tonight, Kramer said.

The camp has become a second home to the firefighters, but when the Trinity Ridge Fire is out it will go back to being just a field outside of pine.

Don't want to leave but we got to, said Damon.

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